We originally thought - do we even need a real estate agent? Like many people we thought - we live in an area where there is demand and we had made enough upgrades to our home that it should be attractive to buyers. 

We were lucky to have hired Greta to sell our house. It was the negotiations with the buyer where her expertise got us to the sale. It can become an emotional process and Greta was masterful at managing both sides of the deal. She is smart and determined. She has an inner sense on how to maneuver through potential obstacles, while maintaining a respect for both the buyers and sellers. Greta also represented us in buying another place. The closing for the house we were selling was scheduled for the same day as our other purchase so you can imagine how many pieces needed to fall into place for this to go smoothly. There were complications outside of Greta's control the night before. Heavy rain that day caused water to start "pouring" down the interior basement wall. We were up to all hours trying to determine the cause. The morning of the sale she had contractors at the house to determine the cause and she pulled it together to make sure both parties signed the contracts the day of the sale. 

She knows her market. Greta knows Bethesda. She knows how to price and what features buyers are looking for. The photographs of the home were beautiful. There was always a constant flow of traffic so we knew she was reaching the potential buyers .

Finally, the best compliment I can give her as an agent - she is like a very very smart pitbull. With her eye always on the best choice through the entire process. Some people may interpret the pitbull comment as combative. I mean it in only the best way. When you are dealing with the one item in your life that represents the biggest investment you have made - you want someone that will find and close the best deal. We have worked with many agents in buying and selling different homes. Greta is the best of the best.
Scott & Gayenell Eisenberg


This was our first home purchase and I admit I was a bit cynical in my view of agents but Greta was everything we could have hoped for and more. Greta was impressive in her knowledge and patient in understanding our housing needs and helping us find exactly what we wanted, in the area we desired, for the price we set. While looking at houses, in a few cases there were houses she thought would be good for us but that we didn't like. When we explained our reasoning she strove to understand our perspective and then moved on to new listings. In other cases there were houses we thought would be perfect but Greta saw or knew that something was not right and made sure we understood her hesitations. The thing is, if we had chosen to pursue any of those houses she would have supported us, but she made sure we understood her reservations. In the end we found what we wanted. The financial portions of buying a house the first time can be overwhelming and, frankly, intimidating the first time. She was patient and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. And now, at the end of it our, we have the home we want for our family. Thank you, Greta!
Douglas & Rosa Nerad

If you are looking for a listing agent, please stop your search now. I can't imagine you'll find another more professional, resourceful, diligent, knowledgable, or eloquent realtor than Greta Nicoletti. Greta deployed a well thought out strategy and in turn had us under contract after a few days on the MLS. We struck out twice previously listing our home with another agent, but Greta was able to show us where we had previously gone wrong and where we needed to go to get our sale completed. Greta runs a solo, hands on operation unlike many other realtors in the area. This keeps Greta directly accountable to only you. Greta backs that approach up by running an efficient and effective operation. If you are looking for a listing agent, Greta is from our experience ranks up there with the best. We were completely satisfied with Greta's exemplary efforts from day one until and even past the close. I am honored to recommend Greta to anyone in need of a realtor.  
Steve & Kathy Steiner


Greta Nicoletti is an unbelievable broker!  My house had been on and off the market for seven years with multiple brokers and was considered a white elephant.  She took it on as a challenge and totally rejected failure as an option.  Through selective advertising, aggressive use of her good relationships with the brokerage community and numerous open houses, she brought in more prospects than all the previous brokers together.  Unlike other "name" brokers with large staffs, she did all of this herself.  My house seemed to attract particularly difficult prospects, and she handled them both aggressively and with great finesse.  When my sale ran into difficulties between contract and settlement, she left no stone unturned to bring it to a successful conclusion.  I hope that those who read this are lucky enough to get her as their broker.
Donald Feuerstein

When my husband and I bought our first house seven years ago, Greta was the seller's agent. We were so impressed by her we made a mental note to use her as our agent when it came time to move again. Several months ago, the time came and Greta helped us sell our home and find a new one. Greta exceeded our expectations. We knew she would prevail at tough negotiations and get us the best deal, but her other attributes were also outstanding. Greta is like a human textbook about the Bethesda real estate market and is extremely knowledgeable in her field, in general. Greta was always responsive to our diverse inquiries and could be counted on to put our minds at ease during times of stress or uncertainty. Put simply, Greta is a trusted subject matter expert who knows when to employ a soft touch or a hard hand for the benefit of her clients. We highly recommend Greta and look forward to working with her again in the future.
Andreea & Eric Schwartz


Greta is the most professional, knowledgeable realtor I have ever encountered. She has sold multiple properties for my wife and me, always within one week and at more than asking price. She knows just what the market will bear and how to prepare a home to fetch top dollar. From the buyer's side, she has always negotiated aggressively on our behalf, often finding little things that saved us thousands. I could not recommend her more highly.
Ross Brindle & Lisa Barnard

When my mother was ready to move out of the house in which she and my dad raised my sister and me, and where she had lived for 54 years, we entrusted the sales process to Greta. She took the time to understand what was important to us, and used her unparalleled selling skills to achieve a great  result for us. Greta's relationship with us was more like a partner than an agent. You can't do any better than listing your home with Greta !
Jonathan Cohen


Wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much we appreciated working with you on the sale of our family home in Bethesda.  As you know for our family this was both a large and emotional transaction as it involved our late parents home.  Having a pretty strong background in Real Estate I recognized early on that that the Bethesda market was complex and the transactions potentially somewhat complicated.  Although I interviewed numerous agents and agencies with solid credentials all of whom handled a considerable volume of transactions you were clearly the most knowledgeable and professional.


Your marketing plan for our family home was detailed and professional.  The marketing materials produced for the house and web presence of the listing were outstanding.  You certainly earned your commission in the contract negotiating phase ensuring we received a very strong sales price, that the buyer was highly qualified, and the settlement occurred in short order.  You advice and guidance through the process were wonderful!


Greta - I cannot compliment you enough on the total representation you provided us.  Although some agents at your level prefer to operate in teams being able to deal with you individually and receiving the personal attention that we received in the timely manner we received it was invaluable.

The only regret that I really have is that I won't be buying or selling in Bethesda again where I could use you services again!

Thanks again!
Barry DesRoches

"Every now and then you come across a real estate agent who is truly unique, and Greta is one of those agents. She knows the market and how to bring people together, whether they are buying or selling a home. Her boundless energy, exceptional marketing skills and professional approach put her in a class all her own."

Laurence M. Cafritz
Laurence Cafritz Builders

Dear Greta,

Todd and I would like to thank you for the experienced real estate services that you provided to our family during the sale of our Bethesda home. You expertly advised us as to the best times to enter the home sales market during a competitive selling-and-buying season, worked tirelessly to prepare professional looking marketing materials and hit the ground running to sell our home using your vast network of contacts.

Other services that you provided such as personally representing our open house and answering your own phone (or quickly returning the few voicemails that we did leave) were much appreciated. We were glad to be represented by one experienced sales person rather than a team of less experienced staff. It made all the difference.

Lastly, we greatly appreciate that you were able to present us with multiple offers to buy our home, and then get us to the closing table in a reasonable period of time. Thank you, Greta. All our best for a wonderful summer.

Megan & Todd

Megan Leone-Perkins, PhD and Todd E. Perkins, MD

Greta -
Thank you so much for the outstanding job you did selling our house. Eric and I interviewed 8 realtors before choosing you, and we are so grateful we made the right choice! At every step of the way, you managed the process brilliantly: giving us practical and insightful advice on getting the house ready and on pricing it correctly, then orchestrating 3 competing offers and an escalation clause in the highest bid, and finally, in successfully managing what turned out to be a challenging hand-off to the new owners. This is not the first home we have sold, but is definitely far and away the best experience we've had. I sincerely hope we have a chance to work together again in the future!

Eric and Tatiana Eichmann

Greta is hands down the BEST realtor I have ever worked with. Her level of professionalism, knowledge, customer service, attention to detail, and availability (we met late on weekend nights!) will set your standards very high for any other realtor you work with. She has a wealth of knowledge about Bethesda and the surrounding areas. She was always upfront and honest and kept us incredibly well informed throughout the entire process. She is extremely responsive and was great about emailing, texting, and calling us to keep us up to date every step of the way. I would highly recommend her!

Nate & Sarah Massari

"Greta sold our home in Bethesda and helped us purchase a new one. She is great to work with and you want her on your side of the transaction. She is very professional, knowledgeable about the area/trends, and tireless in negotiating on our behalf. I'd highly recommend her if you're buying or selling."

Jonathan & Dara Eisner

"Greta, I simply want to thank you for all your help through this sale. I don't know how often you have a family-sale like this and it can be quite trying with the varied opinions and emotions. Your support and professionalism were consistent and extraordinary. I hope that I have the opportunity to pass along your name as a reference for future sales in the Bethesda and surrounding areas."


Hi Greta,

You're name came up in conversation the other day. We're working with a realtor to write a contract on a condo in Philly. We're struggling a little in getting the support we think we need. Paul looked at me and said, "He's no Greta Nicoletti". Thought you'd enjoy hearing that. Wanted to say hi and Happy New Year.

Fondly, Bill

The G in Greta is for GENIUS! We sold our house in record time (48 hours) and for more than we asked for it! We found Greta after a disappointing interaction with another well-known Bethesda realtor. Greta arrived on our doorstep enthusiastic about our house and pragmatic about what we would need to do to get it sold. Her advice was on the mark! We followed her directions to the tee and found two buyers the week we put in on the market (and during a hurricane!)

Greta was with us at every step staging the house, hiring a terrific photographer to make our little treasure look grand, holding a realtor's open house, and then helping us to negotiate between two bidders to make and take the best offer.

Once the house was sold, she stayed by our side recommending a moving company and providing us with the name of someone who could clean the house and make it shine for the new owners.

I wish I had more houses to sell (or that I was looking to buy again in Bethesda). I would not hesitate to recommend this top-notch professional to everyone looking to sell or buy a house! Thank you, Greta!

And kudos to Long and Foster!

Lana and Leonard Taylor

"I found Greta to be very helpful, knowledgeable and experienced with the local residential housing market. I value highly her prompt customer service, integrity, and commitment to her clients."

Vivian & Bob George

"Greta served not only as a great real estate agent to sell our home in a tough housing market but also played a great role in advising us strategically as to timing, approach to the market and value so that we could maximize our home's sale price in the shortest reasonable sales cycle. Greta clearly understands the Bethesda market and what differentiates one home from the next and also how to provide hands-on involvement with her clients."

Andrew & Beth Rosenstein

Greta gets the job done!  She helped our busy family find our dream home in a fabulous location and she got us a great deal!  She averted problems and protected our interest. With Greta on our side, it made our lives so much easier.  I don't know how she did it....but she did!  I highly recommend her, she is extremely experienced and knows the area better than any other Realtor.  Thanks again Greta, we love our house!

Pallovi & Sunil Kachoria

"A quick note to thank you once again for your outstanding work on this transaction. Simply said - we would have never gotten to the finish line without your thoroughness and energy. You were amazing throughout and we have to thank you for being able to move the family in this beautiful home..

Thank you again - and hope to see you again in the future!

Francois & Josiane

"Greta not only has an exhaustive grasp of the market. she is tireless, creative and a pleasure to work with. she was the agent representing the seller from whom we bought our new home and we were so impressed that we asked her to represent us as well. our existing house was quickly under contract at a good price despite the slower market. i cannot recommend Greta more highly. In fact i have repeatedly recommended her to my friends."

Gregory M. Williams

We are writing this letter to tell you how pleased we were to work with Greta Nicoletti on the sale of our house and the purchase of our new home. had skillfully Greta's friendliness and professionalism prompted us to chose Greta as our realtor. With Greta's knowledge of the homes in the area, She guided us through the process with ease and confidence. It didn't take her long to find our dream home! once she had skillfully negotiated a great sale price, she went to work on selling our home. With her experience and finesse, our house sold within days of going on the market. And once again she negotiated a wonderful price.

Throughout the entire process, Greta was extremely receptive to our needs, and made what could have been a stressful event an exciting, enjoyable experience. We have been extremely pleased with the service she and weichen have provided us and would recommend her to anyone.


John and Joyce Neave

Great Nicoletti is an exceptional realtor in the residential marketplace. She has represented me on several transactions, both buying and selling. I relied on her experience and professionalism to execute each transaction. She showed exceptional negotiation skills when buying low and selling high with multiple offers. Her knowledge of the marketplace and her timing were instrumental in finalizing the contracts. I highly recommend Greta Nicoletti as a buying and selling agent.

Douglas Jemal

Greta Nicoleti served as our realtor selling our existing home and helping us find our town house in Bethesda. the purchase of our new property was contingent on the sale of our home which is not customary in the Bethesda marketplace. This was a stressful situation as we did not want to lose the opportunity to purchase our town house.

Greta was very proactive and positive throughout the entire series of transactions. she ratified a contract on our dream house that was contingent upon the sale of our existing home on Durbin Terrace in Bethesda. she immediately put our home up for sale and handled both negotiations removing all obstacles along the way. As a seller's agent she sold our home at top dollar in spite of skepticism from other realtors. As our buyer's agent, Greta negotiated a purchase price on our new town house that was below market value. Greta did an amazing job of representing our best interest and was conscientious in following both transactions every step of the way to our flawless settlements.

Greta's professionalism is a model for realtors. I would be happy to speak to any perspective buyers or sellers in an effort to encourage them to utilize Greta's services and unparallele experience. Thank you and please acknowledge the outstanding service provided to us by Greta Nicoletti.


Mary and Lee adams

Mrs. Nicoletti was the perfect agent for our circumstances. She came well prepared with relevant data on the current housing market, and was very precise and direct in her presentation. Her recommendations were well reasoned, authoritative and presented with confidence. She was always available for consultation, quick to deal with important issues, and represented our interests in the most positive manner. I would, without hesitation, seek her out as my seller's agent on any future home sales.

In summary, Mrs Nicoletti is a highly effective and eminently professional real estate agent. I would hire her again without thought. If I can provide more details please contact me.

Larry W.Laughlim

Dear Greta

There are unpacked, the pictured are hung and we are able to attend to the mail, paperwork and catch upon correspondence. If that a bonus it was to meet you, Greta and what a miracle you had a buyer looking so diligently. your enthusiasm was catching and I'm sure it was passed along to your buyers.

The house sold overnight and the whole process was seemingly effortless. I know my aunt was relieved to not be involved in a long process of open houses and people parading through her house on a regular basis. It was always easy to reach you and you solved all question promptly. I thank you for your attention to detail and kind consideration of my aunt's situation.


Ann Gishi

Susan Blancehard


Now that we've happily gone through settlement together, I write to thank you for a surprisingly fast and successful sale of our home in Bethesda.

Your advice on pricing made good sense to me, and happened to be some thousands of dollars higher than I had planned on.

You then moved quickly. first you bought us an offer within a day or two of our meeting, before we had even put the house on the market. though it didn't meet our price, it increased my confidence in you and in an quick sale close to my price. I was impressed, at your early open house, to meet a banker who made clear he was eager to lend against the property. Also I so much liked the art-work you arranged ( and later give me ) that I plan to have it framed.

Four days after we listed the house, you told me you had there more offers and were arranging a conference among the bidders. At the conference, one bidder was off the price, but one met the price you and I had agreed on, and one not only beat that price- he waived inspections and other important normal requirements. I gladly accepted his offer. Later it was important that you intercepted the appraiser's low valuation and persuaded him to change it to the price you'd been offered.

I cannot think of a single detail in which you disappointed us. I enthusiastically recommend you to anyone desiring highly competent and expeditious handling of a house.



The sale of our home went extremely well due our fantastic sales agent, Greta Nicoletti. Greta is extremely knowledgeable, hardworking and loyal to her client. she knows the market and she knows the Bethesda area. From the moment she walks in your door she is confident regarding the sale of your home. once you accept her as your agent she is on the run. she is well thought of by her contemporaries due to the large number of agents who come to her Agents open House. She takes time to explain the sale process and her thought process regarding the sale of your home. In fact, she is always available for any questions or concerns that might arise.

We were extremely impressed with her skills when negotiating the contracts presented. We thank Greta for selling our home and highly recommend her to any one contemplating selling his or her home.

Marvel and Peter Richards

Dear Greta,

Now that we have moved in to our wonderful new house, we just wanted to drop you a in getting us note to thank you again for efforts in getting us here. We tell our friends we were just lucky to find this house ( and at such a good price! ), but we know it really involved much more than luck. We were able to purchase this house without anxiety-filled days ( or months) of looking because you understood, almost instinctively, what we wanted, and then you uncovered the perfect house for us as soon as it bit the market. We were extremely impressed with your diligence, tenacity, and professionalism, and we have already recommended you to several friends. we only hope their house- buying experience will be as stress- free as ours was. Thanks again.

best Wishes,


Karen and Andrew Green


Thank you for your amazing assistance in the sale of 5203 Massachusetts Avenue. You are extremely calm and professional. These qualities provided for an easy transaction! Every potentially stressful event you handled with case and finesse. Having been an agent before, I can truly say that you are one of the best!

With all my gratitude

Naomi Quigley

Greta Nicoletti was our agent in the sale of our house in Bethesda, Maryland . From our initial interview with Greta, we felt comfortable in her abilities, intelligence and experience of the real estate market to sell our house at top value. Our initial instincts proved correct. She knows her business, and more importantly, loves her work. She is meticulous in the details and well versed in the legalities of the business. she was always available by phone or by e-mail, and if you left any messages on her voice-mail, she returned all calls promptly. I appreciated this attention in particular because my husband had to relocate overseas shortly after our interview with Greta, leaving me with the sale of our house. I was inexperienced and unsure of myself in this arena. Greta provided me with any requested or needed information promptly and guided me through this process, resulting in a sale within a week at top value.

She is a hard worker, yet personable and diplomatic. She knows her numbers and looks our for her client's interests. without a doubt, Greta's intuitive and affable nature, and her professionalism assured a seamless procession to the sale of our house. Needless to say, the experience was a positive and rewarding one.

Barbara Greenwood and Larry Greenwood

Bethesda, Maryland 208817

Dear Greta

More importantly and basically stated thanks for selling our home!! you are a "closer" you are really an exceptional real estate agent. Please use us as a reference if you like ( new address above)


Glene and Ethan Jish

Dear Greta

I'm very pleased to send you this letter of appreciation for the excellent work you did in selling our Massachusetts Avenue home. As you know, we had the house listed for more than three months without so much as an expression of interest.

When you saw our house you recognized immediately that its value more than outweighed any disadvantages of living on Massachusetts Avenue, and you went to work quickly to bring this to the attention of prospective buyers. Within a matter of a few weeks you bought us a contract for 96% of our asking price. Because of your quick and complete attention to selling our house, we were able to move ahead with our plans to purchase another home without encumbering our contract with contingencies.

I want you to know, also, that we appreciated very much your attention to giving us a rapid reconnaissance of available houses in our preferred area of Bethesda. The fact that you spent this time with us knowing we were very close to making an offer on a home that excluded any financial benefits to you demonstrated, again, that you don't give up.

You are a first-rate realtor, with both buyers and sellers, and I would be pleased to convey this to any prospective client who may want references. Moreover, your friendly, personable manner engenders a friendship that Mary and I certainly look forward to maintaining.


To whom it May Concern,

We worked with Greta Nicoletti on the acquisition of our new house and from the beginning to the successful conclusion of the project she was extraordinarily helpful and a great pleasure to work with.

Greta worked with us over an extended period of time helping to evaluate when to buy. When we wanted to find financing options, she put us in touch with a variety of reputable and helpful organizations. When we began to look at houses, she gave us a view of the whole marketplace without the kinds of biases or games that often accompany the real estate sales and purchase process. She was always candid, informed, and the voice of exceptionally valuable experience.

we can say with real confidence that without her we would not have the new home that we love, but that she made the process, which is never a simple one, as smooth and professional as it has ever been for us. Her only " Error" was in finding us a house that we hope never to leave, thus depriving her and us of the chance to work together again.

David and Adrean Rothkopf


Thank you so much for all your hard work. You did a tremendous job as realtor, therapist, friend and adviser. We're still in shock that it worked out so well. you were absolutely right on everything.



Dear Greta;

Being a young, single women, I admit that I was intimated by the prospect of buying of my first home. My first encounters with other realtors were less than pleasant, as I was made to feel uncomfortable about buying in the Bethesda area. The day that I walked into your open house was such a blessing. That house was out of my price range, but you were so friendly and helpful. John and I enjoyed the evening that we spent with you looking at homes- we had fun. in the end, we found a perfect house, and have been enjoying it ever since. you helped make what could have been a painful process, a painless one. The guidance and advice that you provided to me every step of the way proved to be invaluable. Thank you! I am so happy with my new home that it may be a while before I will let you sell it for me, but when I do, you will be the person I will call. I hope that this note finds you and your family well. Take care.


Susan Godinho

I am pleased to provide this unqualified letter of recommendation for Greta Nicoletti. Having interviewed and work with many real estate professionals through a number of sales and home purchases, I found Greta to be the most informed and effective. She understood exactly what type of home I was looking for, and was a master negotiator. She made herself available to my schedule, and made me feel as if I was her only and most important client. Ultimately, she found me an ideal home, at a very attractive price. If I may be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Ron Howard


Thank you for helping us to find our new home. we greatly appreciate the good advice you gave us throughout the entire process and your patience as we slowly become educated about the market, the neighborhoods in Bethesda and types of houses that we liked. you made that home buying process fun and as she is free as possible.


Anna & Dan

To whom it may concern:

We recently engaged Greta Nicoletti to serve as the listing agent for rental property we decided to sell. Her efforts on our behalf exceeded our expectations significantly. we recommend her services without hesitation.

Greta determined the listing price, an amount substantially higher than that suggested by other experienced agents. She also analyzed when would be the best time to list the house and handled all repairs and tenant interface in order to timely market the house.

Greta predicted we would have an acceptable offer within two weeks. we actually had two offers at full price within five days. Greta also deftly negotiated the terms of the offers and expertly advised us on lease backs and closing issues.

Aside from her considerable skills as a real estate agent, Greta has a tremendous enthusiasm for the properties she markets. her positive attitude is instrumental in obtaining timely sales at profitable prices. Anyone in the market to sell a house in the Bethesda Chevy Chase area would be well served to list it with Greta.

Very Truly Yours

Ruth Morrel

My wife and I recently purchased our first house. we were extremely happy and lucky to have Greta Nicoletti serve as our buyer's agent. Greta helped us buy a beautiful home for a reasonable price, establish a cordial relationship with the sellers, secure sound financing and execute the deal without difficultly.

Fortunately, Greta's interpersonal skills, patience, professionalism prevented the seller's frustration and dissatisfaction from impending the sale. At the final walk through, the sellers told me that getting Greta to represent us was the best thing we could have done. They also said they wished they could have found someone comparable to represented them in their search for a new home in New York.

Not only did Greta do an outstanding job, but she helped us find other quality professionals( i.e. closing attorney, lender) . Both Allison and I would not hesitate to have Greta represent us again, nor would we hesitate to recommend Greta to others.


Benjamin J Dickinson

Allison A. Dickinson

Dear Greta;

First, congratulations to you on all of your success! and second, Barbara & I want to thank you for working closely with us on presenting our home to the market. When we first interviewed you to be our agent you promised to handle each detail & responsibility personally. that is why we selected you as our realtor. And indeed you kept your promise.

You have proven to be a top fight professional in every step of the sales process by: 1) answering our questions directly with concise judgment, 2) measuring correctly the current market condition, 3) knowing how to react and perform under these aggressive and highly competitive market condition, & 4) executing the multiple bid process professionally & fairly.

AS our neighborhood knows, whether you are a listing broker or buyers agent, you do the job right. In short you were a first class realtor that kept your promise. Again congratulations.

With Best Regards,

David & Barbara Braden

Dear Greta,

Thank you for all of your hand work and effort presenting your contract on 8914 Mohawk Lane. You were so kind and gracious and helpful. I do hope to work with you again in the future. You are a very talented agent. That was clear.


Hi Greta,

One thing we are very thankful for this Thanksgiving - the truly fabulous Greta Nicoletti!
You are the best and can't thank you enough for the wild ride over the past month and you serving as our Sherpa throughout! Thanks for your incredible work on both houses - two fantastic outcomes.
We are very grateful to have you in our inner circle and wish you and your family the best on this day and in 2013!

Much Love,
Kevin and Alla

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